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Web Design

Website Design for Worldwide Solutions

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About Project

WWS company can prescribe a healthy combination to keep your IT system fit and functional, so you can focus on running your business. WWS focus is on helping build better organisations by designing and delivering solutions that unlock tangible business benefits. WWS spectrum of IT services include software development, enterprise information management and business analytics. They ensure the success of your project by applying mature, fit-for-purpose methodology, strong project management principles, and the deep capability of our people and partners. The Company’s mission is to support clients at all levels of their business, for management to make sound IT decisions and for staff to work effectively on the systems.

Our Directive

Create design of single page site that would represent all information about company and its products.

UX Design
Develop website’s layout that would present all company’s services clearly.
Minimalistic design based on brand book

What we did

Single site principle was taken as basis - almost all the information about company was placed on it. To keep the main page simple, it was decided to place main company’s products on separate independent pages. This solution allowed to tell about each company’s product in more detailed and beautiful way and create feedback form for each of them.

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