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Web Design

Website Design for Rentateam

Top development team from Russia

About Project

RentaTeam is developing technological mobile & web products. Team specializes in creating native iOS and Android apps, optimizing web apps and adapting for mobile platforms. RentaTeam also develops high-load web apps, Saas-services and business processes automations.

Our Directive

Create unique website outlook that would represent and promote company’s services and projects in the best way

UX Design
Present services and projects of company in simple and comfortable view
Make design that shows that website represents guru developing team

What we did

We came to understanding that company’s website should be really simple, and main information should stay on one page. This is the simplest and quickest way to learn about company and its services which is important for clients while choosing particular team of programmers. We’ve highlighted several elements in design that are taken from programming languages and used in coding.

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