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UX/UI Design

Website for selling and buying used gadgets

The most comfortable and secure sell/buy system for used gadgets

About Project

Selling and buying used products had become usual thing a long time ago: modern gadgets could easily be used by two or three owners. The project “Like New” was created to make buying and selling used gadgets as easy and secure as possible. Selling used gadgets had never been so easy and comfortable. Online price estimation system lets you know the current price of your device quickly — you just choose it’s make and model and answer a couple of questions about the condition of the product. If you agree with the proposed price the final step is to bring your gadget to a shop for more thorough inspection and price estimation by yourself or order a courier that will deliver your gadget for free. He will take care of your gadget delivery to the shop absolutely for free. All that means — hassle-free process for you without any advertisements or meetings with strangers.

Our Directive

Our task is to develop a unique view for the site that will combine used devices buying and selling processes

Combine buying and selling flows on one site. Develop a quick way of condition estimation and selling of used gadgets
Create a bright and clean design for the millions of people who will use this website every day

What we did

While working on the project we’ve created navigation map of the application in order to let the client see how users in different roles can interact with the website. We have designed a system of online estimation that lets you know the price of your device quickly and sell it to the shop. Also we have created a convenient search system and catalogue for those who want to buy used gadgets.

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