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UX/UI, App Design

Live streaming app for charity fundraising

Live video streaming of interesting people and events made to draw attention to humanity causes

About Project

Californian startup GoWatchMe literally “Makes the world a better place”. Project’s main idea is to draw attention to humanity issues with live streaming of interesting events by interesting people who care. Famous people do something remarkable and broadcast it live to collect donations that will be then transferred to a charity.

Our Directive

Develop app’s architecture for two types of activity: creation and streaming of live videos and watching streaming for charity donations.

UX Design and Prototyping
Design a clean and intuitive interface which will be easy to use
Design and Development
Development based on flexible SCRUM methodology where time and budget have limitations and requirements tend to change frequently
Market Research
Alternative video streaming solutions for charity purposes have been studied.

What we did

While working on the project we’ve created navigation map of the application in order to let client see how users in different roles can interact with the application. Once the map was done, we started to design and develop it on SCRUM methodology, where budget and time are fixed and the scope has the ability to change. Development was done in stages where on each stage the section designed on previous stage was taken into development. Therefore design was ahead of development which made it impossible for the development team to stay idle.

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