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UX/UI, App Design

Everything for your car in one application

Mobile application that connects all automative products and services, and making use of their mobile and convenient

About Project

Project’s aim is to help drivers resolve all possible issues with car operation. The following services are available to order in the application: car wash, tire service, fuel prices information, road assistance, taxi, information about fined cars parking, legal aid in case of accidents and other important services.

Our Directive

Our tasks were to design application to help drivers resolve all possible issues with car operation

UX Design
Design native applications for iOS and Android based on API specification provided by client. Design of all supplier services
Create a bright and clean design for the millions of people who will use this application every day

What we did

The work on project was based on SCRUM methodology and hourly payment. Tasks with highest business priority were taken into development, thus the features required for users were realised first. Our team developed views for all auto services that provide services to clients and united them in one application.

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